Are you interested in volunteering in the classroom or at a school sponsored event?    


All onsite volunteers need to make sure they complete a volunteer training, a background check and submit proof of vaccination status. All volunteers must be vaccinated.


Visit the Cottage Lake Elementary Volunteer to learn more about the application process.

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Current Volunteer Needs:


Ongoing: Popcorn Fridays


December 5 - December 9: Staff Pantry Re-Stock


Friday, December 16: Staff Appreciation Make Your Own Panini Lunch


January 26: Multi-Cultural Fair

**This sign-up is to gauge interest of families willing to participate in the event. Volunteer sign-ups will be released at a later date.**


April 17 - April 22: Missoula Children's Theatre Play

**We are working on trying to gauge interest of students wishing to audition for the play. If your child thinks they want to audition, please sign up here.**

To learn more, please click the event button below to be directed to the event page.

Would you like to volunteer? See below for volunteer opportunities. They are broken out by level of time commitment so you can easily see what would work best for your schedule.

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One-Time (Low Commitment) Volunteer

Do you have limited availability to volunteer, but still want to support CLE? Be included on an email list for a Sign Up Genius when a one-time volunteer need arises. Choose at that time if it works for you! These opportunities would include things like Field Day, Carnival Day, Fun Run, hand out popsicles or popcorn, etc.

Please click on a Sign Up Genius above to help with current volunteer needs!

Regular In-Classroom (Medium Commitment) Volunteer

Art Docent  (1 Art Lesson Per Month)
As an Art Docent, you will help students gain an appreciation for art. We will help to train you and there is a pre-planned curriculum at your disposal. You do not have to be an art scholar or renowned artist; anyone can do this!  The Art Docent Chairs are experienced docent program leaders and they oversee the docents and the program, as well as sit on the Board of Directors.


Garden (Seasonal, Drop-In Basis)
Help students plant, harvest and maintain the school garden through our Spring Garden Club or your student's class raised bed.


Library (1 Hour Per Week)
Help in the library with reshelving and checking in/out books for your student's class.


Room Parent
Help coordinate 2-3 parties/events for your student's classroom

Events/Committees (More Involved with Varying Time Commitment) Volunteer

This committee coordinates several assemblies for the school throughout the year.  Working with local organizations, Cottage Lake staff and PTA, this committee works to provide educational and CLE staff-approved entertainment that aligns with instructional goals of the school.

The Auction committee helps with procuring items, picking up items, decorations, communications, and more for the CLPTA annual auction. This fundraiser is a popular event that brings in a significant percentage of our yearly budget.  A fun committee to be on!

Emergency Preparedness
The Cottage Lake PTA contributes monies and equipment to the school for emergency preparedness. Help this committee by maintaining the emergency supplies kept on school grounds in a container car. The CLE PTA maintains 3 days of supplies in the event that students are unable to be picked up by parents. This committee is responsible for inventory of all emergency supplies and for educating parents and staff regarding emergency procedures.

The Enrichment Learning committee develops and manages a schedule of optional before and after school classes for Cottage Lake students in areas such as art, creative writing, drama, gardening, physical fitness, and second language learning. Enrichment class instructors include adults in our community as well as Cottage Lake parents. Volunteers can help with supervision, scheduling, record keeping, and many other components of this program.

Volunteers will coordinate with the Committee Chair to plan and staff community events throughout the year.

Fifth Grade Party
This committee will plan and organize the end-of-year celebrations for fifth graders. This includes the fifth-grade picnic and party, the promotion event, and the legacy art project. 

Garden Co-Coordinator
Plan and coordinate the Spring growing season for classrooms and the Garden Club.  Using your vision of a garden classroom, encourage students to explore, learn, grow, and harvest in our school garden. Help students build a resilient and enduring relationship with the natural environment around them.

Internal Teacher/Staff Grants
This committee is in charge of reviewing and deciding which INTERNAL teacher/staff grants are approved for funding by the CLE PTA. This committee reviews/approves grants approximately 2-3 times per school year and conducts business by email - so this is a great committee for a working parent. 

The Grants chair is part of the Board of Directors – Be part of the strategic direction, budget allocation, decision making and more!  

Legislative Committee
The Legislative Committee works to provide PTA members with information about educational issues in Washington State. The committee educates members about how both the State and National PTA are working to advance educational issues in the legislature. Information can be disseminated through the PTA newsletters and at PTA meetings. If you want to be involved in the big picture, this is the committee for you!

This committee defines for the community the benefits of membership in the PTA and actively recruits members. This committee plans and implements a membership drive. There are many resources available online from the State PTA Website to help with this. (It’s simpler than it sounds!) The committee is also responsible for online registration and maintenance of the membership roster, membership forms and distributing membership cards and directories. A fun committee to be on!

Multicultural Fair
This committee will highlight the cultural diversity of your community through music, dance, art, storytelling, and more. This event attracts many students and families, sharing great feelings of pride, community, making a difference in the lives of others, and a better understanding of the cultures that make up our community.

Nominating Committee
This is a crucial job within the Cottage Lake PTA. The nominating committee selects nominees for the incoming PTA Executive Committee each year. Positions on the Executive Committee include: President, Co-President, Events, Fundrasing, Communications, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each of these roles is required for any PTA to function well and be in compliance with insurance requirements. If you want a short-term commitment in the spring, this is the volunteer position for you.

Outreach/Social Services
This committee reaches out to our school community in many ways including:  food drive, Thanksgiving gift cards, holiday gift drive, meals, supplies and cards for families in need and welcoming new families.  Among many other helping and welcoming activities throughout the year!

Photographers take high-quality photos at school events and upload them to a secure folder to use with permission. This position also works alongside the Yearbook committee to ensure photos are captured throughout the year.

Popcorn is one of the most popular events at our school!  Every Friday, volunteers serve up hot popcorn to hungry students. The committee chair is responsible for coordinating volunteers, re-ordering supplies, and scheduling any maintenance for the popcorn.
Please note that this committee will be following all Northshore School District Covid protocall and as such will need to be flexible.

Race and Educational Justice
The committee will provide support, guidance, and information about issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion in our schools and programs.

Reflections PTA Art Contest
The Art Reflections Program is a Nation PTA and WSPTA cultural art competition. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works. The Art Reflections committee will coordinate Cottage Lake Elementary students’ submissions with the district and ensure all deadlines are met for the competition.

SBA Testing Snacks
This committee is in charge of coordinating the purchase and distribution of snacks for the Smarter Balanced Assessment testing. Snacks must be approved by the principal and will need to be monitored and restocked as necessary throughout duration of testing.

School Play
Each year the Missoula Children’s Theater comes to Cottage Lake and puts on a play starring our students!  The MCT group handles all of the creative work—auditions, costumes, sets, rehearsals, etc.  Volunteers are needed to assist the MCT team with the logistics of rehearsals and performances.

School Spirit
Help create fun and engaging ways to keep the Cottage Lake Elementary community connected. If you've got ideas (big or small) or want to help with some activities/events we've already got, we need your help to keep school spirit alive and strong at CLE!

Staff Appreciation
This committee coordinates Staff Appreciation events throughout the year to honor the hard work and dedication of all Cottage Lake Staff members. This includes quarterly lunches and staff appreciation week (typically in May). This committee is always looking for fun and creative ways to show the CLE staff how much we value their efforts and dedication to our children.

Help make the STEAM fair this year --  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.  This is an engaging and educational opportunity for our students to showcase their experiments, research and ideas, and we hope to keep it going this year.

WATCH D.O.G.S. is one of the nation’s largest and most respected school-based, family, and community engagement, organizations in the country. WatchDOGS are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other father-figures who volunteer for at least one day each year at an official WATCH D.O.G.S. school. During the day, WatchDOGS may read and work on flash cards with students, play at recess, eat lunch with students, patrol the school entrances and hallways, assist with traffic flow and any other assigned activities where they actively engage with not only their own students, but other students as well.

This committee handles the design, coordination, sales, and distribution of the yearbook at the end of the year. You will capture memories and collect photos from school and PTA events throughout the year, coordinating with other parent photographers and completing a layout for the yearbook.



Have other ideas not listed?  Email President@cottagelakepta.org 

PTA Board (High Involvement/Year Round)

We're looking to fill our board for the 2022-2023 school year. Candidates must be a PTA member for at least 15 days prior to elections. 

We currently have the Co-Treasurer position and the Co-Events position open.