Cottage Lake Elementary Zoom Backgrounds

The PTA has worked with Principal Welch to create a selection of preapproved Zoom backgrounds kids can use in their classroom meetings.  Now that we're inviting our classmates and teachers into our homes privacy is more important than ever.  These Zoom backgrounds will provide students with a fun way to express themselves with their classmates.  They will also help reduce distractions from background movement and hide areas of your home that you may not want displayed in meetings and recordings.  


All approved Zoom backgrounds have the sailboat watermark somewhere in the photo.  Teachers will look for this logo to ensure student backgrounds are approved for use in school. 


Students may need to disable their virtual background when sharing something in a meeting.  Zoom's virtual background feature recognizes faces to display participants while obscuring the rest of the room. 


Background Images

To use a virtual background in your Zoom meetings:


  1. Download an image from this page by clicking on the picture.  The image will open in a new browser tab.
  2. Either right-click on the picture and click save -or- click on the download arrow to save to your device. 
  3. Save the image somewhere on your computer.  Remember the location.  You will need to locate it from the Zoom client later.
  4. Open Zoom
  5. Click on the Settings gear icon in the top right corner of the screen
  6. Click on 'Backgrounds and Filters'
  7. Click the '+' (plus) sign in the middle right side of the screen above the existing list of available backgrounds
  8. Click 'Add image'
  9. Navigate to the folder containing your downloaded image
  10. Select the image and click 'Open'
  11. Select the image in the 'Virtual Backgrounds' list
  12. Close the Settings box

The virtual background functionality is not available in all versions of Zoom.  They are available in the full featured client application.  They are not currently available in the Zoom web client, which is used on Chromebooks. 

Virtual backgrounds require additional processing power on your device.  If you experience performance issues after enabling a virtual background, go to to view minimum system requirements and troubleshooting tips.  The use of backgrounds and smoothing filters in Zoom does not affect the performance for other meeting attendees.

Have a great idea for a new background with original or royalty-free artwork?  Email