Yearbook / School Photos

The PTA creates a fun yearbook each school year including individual teacher/staff pictures, individual student picture by class and group/class pictures along with tons of candid pictures throughout the year highlighting fun events. 


There are 2 ways to add your photos to the yearbook:

1). Upload photos to Google drive (click link below). 

2). The ImageShare app by Balfour (see instructions below).


We appreciate a diverse set of pictures to capture all students!  


Yearbooks typically go on sale in the Spring ($12 each) and are delivered before the last day of school. 


By sharing photos you agree these can be used for the yearbook or other PTA purposes.  If the photo shows other children, you also confirm that you have received permission from their parent or guardian to submit the photos for use in the yearbook.

CLE PTA Google Drive

Upload your pictures to the Cottage Lake Elementary PTA's Google Drive.  You will need to log in to Google Drive to activate the upload feature.  You can sign up for Google Drive with any email address.  It's not necessary to have a gmail account.  


Don't worry if you don't see any other pictures in the share.  Photos are moved to a secure folder regularly for the safety of our students.

Balfour ImageShare Instructions

Balfour, our yearbook vendor, provides two methods to upload photos directly to their system.  Download the app on your mobile device or visit their website.

ImageShare App

Download the "ImageShare by Balfour" App for you phone from the app store for your device. 


Create an account or sign using your username/password


Use Project Number/Code 123759 for the Cottage Lake Elementary Yearbook. 

ImageShare Website

Upload to the ImageShare website at without the need to download an app.  


Use Project Number/Code 123759 for the Cottage Lake Elementary Yearbook and leave the "Upload Code" box blank. Enter your student's name and grade when prompted.

Help us create a wonderful keepsake for our Sailors!  Upload away!