Forms and Documents

Looking for the reimbursement request form?  Are you a teacher of staff member with a great idea on how to enrich the classroom experience for our kids and want to apply for a PTA grant?  Look no further.  We've got the request forms for you!

Calling all Volunteers!

Are you interested in volunteering in the classroom or at a school sponsored event?  Visit the Cottage Lake Elementary Volunteer page to learn more about the application process.  

Reimbursement Requests

Are you a teacher looking for reimbursement from your classroom rainy day fund?  Are you a PTA member who has made purchases in support of PTA events and activities?  Gather your receipts, fill out the check request form, and submit them to our treasurer. 


Submit your reimbursement request online or download the form.  Email the supporting documents to or drop them in the PTA box in the school office.  See the form for additional instructions.  

Receipt of Revenue

Have you collected money on behalf of the PTA for an event, activity, membership or another purpose and need to submit it to our treasurer?  Download the Receipt of Revenue form for instructions.

PTA Grants

Are you a Cottage Lake Elementary faculty or staff member with a great idea on how to enrich education for our students?  Every year the PTA has dedicated funds available for projects, programs, equipment or resources that will support your efforts in the classroom.  Learn more by downloading our PTA Grant Application form.